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Unless there is deep understanding of this highly specialized subject, one is simply headed towards oblivion.

Corporations can show off their brand identities, but most often, they cannot prove with great confidence their direct ownership of that specific name identity. But identities like Sony, Panasonic, Rolex, and Microsoft do.

Both in cyber-space and in print, their unique power of identity is clearly obvious; there is no question about their exclusive ownership claim to their identity.


Package Design
Product packages you see and buy everyday: graphical images used to attract your attention and sell you a message. More and more, companies are choosing to print graphical images on their corrugated packaging as well, from simple logos and product identifications on shipping cartons to full color “photo” images.
Most, printing on packaging is considered a sales tool rather than merely an expense.
More and more organizations realize the value of applying printed graphics to their packaging, even for the most basic shipping boxes